Monday, December 26, 2016

Women Seeking Sugar Daddy – Why Gold Digger Attitude Is Not Recommended

Many women who are seeking for sugar daddies are acting like these men are just their cash machine. The gold digger’s attitude is so prevalent in the world of sugar daddy dating. This is not a recommended attitude for you to follow. Remember that sugar daddies are usually rich men who know the unwritten rules of dating with sugar babies. That’s why being a gold digger is usually not necessary, because you will get the financial support that you need, regardless of whether you ask for it or not. Further, being a gold digger has a negative connotation, which many rich sugar daddies may not appreciate. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t display the gold digger’s attitude while seeking sugar daddy:

1. You Don’t Respect Yourself When You Act Like A Gold Digger

If you are acting like a gold digger, you are not respecting yourself, because you will become like a beggar. Beggars beg for money to anyone they meet on the street. No matter what clothes that you wear, and no matter how beautiful you are, you will not respect yourself if your aim in your relationship is just money. Surely, your sugar daddy will not appreciate it as well.

2. Gold Diggers Are Known To Be In Relationship Only For The Money

If you are becoming a gold digger, you will lose your ability to judge fairly the men that are coming to you. You will see everything only for the money value, and you will end up with a man that you don’t like as long as they can give you money. You will end up dating the highest bidder, even though you don’t like the man at all. You will tend to treat your sugar daddy badly in the long run.

3. The Majority Of Men Don’t Like Gold Diggers

Not only sugar daddy, the most men don’t like to date gold diggers. That’s because they are draining their resources very quickly, and they tend to leave the men when they are no longer useful for them. That’s why most men will avoid gold diggers, unless they are either stupid or needy. This is true with sugar daddies, which will tend to avoid women who only try to drain their resources.

4. Gold Diggers Don’t Act Like A Decent Human Being

Gold diggers see the men that they date as a cash machine. Instead of seeing them as a human being, they see only money. If they date a man, which they found to be less than rich, they will tend to treat them like trash or ignore them. It makes them don’t act like a decent human being, with lack of compassion on their part. They are often seen as vampires that only there to suck the money out of the men that they are dating.

5. Sugar Daddies Avoid Gold Diggers Like Plagues

Sugar daddies, knowing the nature of gold diggers, will avoid them like plagues when they see them. Likewise, if you are being a gold digger for your sugar daddy, he will find out your scheme and run away very quickly. Sugar daddies are not stupid, because they are usually rich people who have their fair share of experience with women.

Those are the reasons why you shouldn’t act like a gold digger when you seek for a sugar daddy. Instead of acting like a gold digger, you should present yourself as a quality woman that deserves to be loved by her sugar daddy. 


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