Tuesday, October 25, 2016

How To Keep Your Sugar Daddy Interested In You With 7 Smart Move

Dating a sugar daddy is not the same as regular dating. Here, you are dating a man who is way older than you, and you and he both have a very different point of view about the world. Your sugar daddy might still have an old school perspective about dating or women in general, but you might have a more modern perspective about love and dating. However, it is very important for you to keep the interest of your sugar daddy if you want him to provide for you for a long time. Here are 7 smart moves that you can make to keep your sugar daddy interested in you:

1. Have A Unique Personality – What differentiates you from other women should make you even more attractive to him. You need to have a personality that is unique and interesting, and you have to stick to it. Moreover, it is important for you not to nag around him and act as if you are his wife.

2. Be Patient With Him – With older men, there will be times when he loses his temper, or become emotionally unbalanced. What you need to do is to be patient with him, because if you also show any temper and bad emotional control, then your relationship with him will be at risk. Patience is a virtue, even when you date an older man.

3. Don’t Be Needy – Sugar daddy dates you knowing that he is expected to provide for you. So, don’t be needy for money in front of him. Don’t talk merely about your financial needs when you are with him. Your sugar daddy knows when to give you the money, and if he forgot to do it, simply remind him to do so.

4. Try To Be Comfortable Around Him – Don’t feel uncomfortable with your sugar daddy. He will pick the signal and wonder why you feel so uncomfortable around him. So, try to be comfortable with him, but avoid trying to control him. He wants you to be comfortable while you go with him, so that he can feel comfortable too.

5. Show Genuine Care To Him – You have to be caring toward him, not faking your attention. You have to listen to him and give him your full attention, not because you want money from him, but because you really care about him. Eventually, he will realize that you care toward him, and he will love you even more.

6. Be Friends With His Family – If he has any family members in his house, such as his children, you should be ready to befriend his family when the time comes for you to come to his house. It will increase his interest to you, and he will even treat you like a part of his family. This will give you more advantage in the relationship.

7. Try To Understand Him – Try to understand what he does, what problems he has, his daily lives, and so on. You need to be the woman that can support him emotionally. By being understanding toward him, you will create a mutual relationship with him. You can rely on him for financial support, whereas he can rely on you for emotional support. It is a win-win solution.

Follow the smart moves above, and you will be able to create a long-lasting relationship with your sugar daddy. And moreover, he will become more and more interested in you and readily become available when you need his support.


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